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N.Narayanan Nampoothiri


Astrology is a devine science. It consists of Jaathakam, Golam, Nimitham, Prashnam, Muhoortham and Ganitham. Jathakam or horoscope of a person is helpful to look into his present and future and to take adequate remedial measures against any ill-fate or "Grahappizha". Predictions are made based on the grahanila in the birth chart.
1 Preparation of Poorna Jathakam (complete horoscope)- Hand written or computerised

2 Preparation of Grahanila (Birth chart)  - Hand written or computerised
Format of information for preparing Jathakam/Grahanila.
Phone No.:
Date of birth: AD:
Date of birth: ME (Malayalam Era):
Time of birth(am/pm):
Place of birth:
Star (if known):
3 Analysation of Jathaka, finding good and bad experiences and suggesting suitable remedial measures to overcome the bad effects. Grahanila (Birth Chart) with balance dasa or birth details as mentioned in (2) is to be forwarded by the client.
4 Vivaaha Porutham (compatibility of horoscope of girl & boy)
Either grahamila with balance dasa or birth details of the girl and boy as mentioned in (2) are to be forwarded.
5 Muhurtham (Auspicious Time)
Suggesting suitable time (muhurtham) for auspicious functions like begining of House construction, House warming, Marriage, Namakaranam, Annaprasam, buying vehicle, first riding on vehicle, suitability of land for purchase, vidyarambham, journey, begining of medical treatment etc.
6 Yantram and Elassu
Yantras are chakrams prepared on metal sheet and empowered with detailed poojas. These are meant for placing in house, office, business establisments, vehicle etc. People can also wear these yantras on thier body, after putting it inside a gold or silver cover called "elassu".

Different yantras are:-
Santhanagopalam, Rajagopalam, Dhanwantharam,Varaham, Mahasudarsanam, Akhoram, Mrithyunjayam, Chinthamani, Aswaroodham, Swayamvaram, Soolini, Thripurasundari, Karthaveeryam, Rinamochanam, Vasyam, Sthree vasyam, Pathi vasyam, Jwaranasanam, Sathru baadha nivarthakam, Vidyarajagopalm, Bala etc.
Yantras are for eliminating all kinds of problems/obstacles and to achieve positive results and fortune.The type of Yanthra/Elassu to be worn should be selected after analysing the requirements of the client.
More information on yantras is provided on the general information page.
7. Poojas/Homam
Various Poojas and Homams can be conducted to eleminate doshas and  to fullfill desires and to achieve prosperity. A few of them are listed below.

a) Mahasudarsana Homam.
b) Mrithyunjaya Homam.
c) Thila Homam.
d) Ganapathy Homam.
e) Akhora Homam.
f) Vishnu Pooja.
g) Santhalagopala Pooja.
h) Bhagavathy Seva.
i) Uma maheswari Pooja.
j) Navagraha Pooja.
k) Vasthu Pooja.
8. Gems and its selection
Basically there are 9 gems. Each gem denotes a particular planet.
Every gem has the ability to impart the power of the planet corresponding to it. Hence it is possible to attract/absorb the power of a planet to supplement strength to our body by wearing the gem corresponding to that particular planet on finger/fingers of our hand. Therefore, selection of gem for a person is to be done very carefully. It is always better to analyse the grahanila and dasakala and assess the strength / weakness of each planet before arriving at a decision on the selection of gem for a person.
More information on gems is provided on the general information page.